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Atom: Correspondence when Windows can not be started

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This is a remedy when Atom does not start on Windows 10.

You can do it in safe mode, before you uninstall the package.

The Atom editor is useful, but ...

Atom is very user friendly as an editor used for programming.
In particular, you can create the environment of your choice by installing the package.

Although this is a personal opinion, Atom may not start. This is much more than other, eg Eclipse.

We respond to it so that it can be activated each time, there is a way to "uninstall the package if it can be started in safe mode".

But there are things we can do before that. It is to start from the command prompt.

How to start from the command prompt


If you can start it, you can use it as it is. The installed package can be used as it is.

Why did you find this kind of thing, Atom did not start one day. That process ends when two Atom processes start up.

It was a coincidence that I found this. I did not use Atom for a while, but I did not start up when I tried to move Atom after a long time.

That process ends when two Atom processes start up.

So we proceeded as follows.

  • Delete cache file (delete all .atom / storage / files) <--- Do not start
  • Started in safe mode <--- Activated
  • Uninstall all installed packages
  • Close Atom once and try again <--- Do not start

Reinstall Atom? As I am lamented in sorrow, I can start with atom command? that's what I thought.
I do not have a reason. This is a thought.

I restored the backed up .atom directory, restored all uninstalled packages, and tried atom command.

Then, I was able to start !

Apparently it seemed that Atom's shortcut (Actually Windows executable [.exe]) file is doing bad things.

Strangely, as soon as I started from the shortcut as usual, it was able to start normally.

Somehow, I predict that the cause is that cache files can not be read when executed from an exe file, but I do not know which file is bad.

So, when Atom can not be started, I try to solve it for now.

If you still can not use it, delete the cache file and uninstall the package.

When it can not be started with the atom command

Delete cache file

Delete all files under user_dir/.atom/storage/. (It is better to take a backup)

If it still does not start up try the contents below.

Update packages to latest version

Execute from the command prompt.

apm update

If it still does not start up try the contents below.

Uninstall package

First of all, try starting in safe mode from the command prompt.

atom --safe

If it can be started in safe mode, the installed package is considered to be affecting. So, uninstall the packages one by one and check startup.

If you can not boot even in safe mode reinstall Atom.

Display package list from command prompt

apm list

We uninstall the packages of Community Packages one by one and check the activation.

Uninstall package from command prompt

apm uninstall [pkg-name]

The name of the list is used for the package name.

If it still can not boot, reinstall Atom.

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