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I will introduce the packages recommended for Python development environment with Atom of text editor.

First of all, regardless of Python, Atom will install the minimum necessary packages. Details are here.


It is a package that formats the program code. It corresponds to Python.


It is a tool to check the static code of the program.

An extension package dedicated to Python is provided. Extension packages need to be installed separately.

In Python, I will introduce the plugin of linter-python-pep8.


It is a linter extension package of "pep8" which is a tool of coding standard checking officially adopted in Python.

To use this package you need to install "pep8" in the Python environment and use "pip" ("pip3") for installation.

pip install pep8

Here is detailed usage of pip.

Python has been born originally with the aim of becoming a highly readable programming language.
So, programming according to the coding convention should be considered as a basic rule of Python.

From that point on, you should always use what is relevant to the coding convention.


In this issue we introduced only the minimum necessary package to the last. Atom installs too much package, it gets heavier, which makes it inconvenient.

There are many convenient packages, so be careful with installing too much.

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