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84th Emperor Juntoku. A man who was caught in a father and banished to an island

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Japan's Emperor Juntoku Portrait

Emperors in Japan - Emperors who were struggling with domestic and international power fighting (Insei era) -

Emperor Juntoku is a rare emperor who has been sentenced to island prison from his men's subordinates.

Besides being involved in his father.

Middle ages, Kamakura period

  • The Imperial Palace
  • Heian-no-miya
  • Birth and death
  • September 10, 1197 - September 12, 1242
    46 years old
  • Reign
  • November 25, 1210 - April 20, 1221
    12 years
  • First Name
  • Morinari / Morihira
  • Alias
  • Sado-in
  • Father
  • 82th Emperor Gotoba
  • Mother
  • Risshi Fujiwara
    (Ryusi Fujiwara)

    Daughter of Yoshitune Kujo

A man who was caught in a father and banished to an island

This man was not able to do politics with his will because he became an emperor during the Insei era of his father's Joko Gotoba (the 82nd Emperor of Gotoba).

Insei means that the person who was an emperor gave up the position of the Emperor as early as next generation, gaining political freedom, and doing the politics he wants to do.

After giving up the position of the Emperor "Joko" will be.

"Joko (上皇)" is after the shortening of "Emperor Dajo (太上天皇)" meaning the emperor of the upper rank above the Emperor

He is involved in his father's political struggle.

The father's Joko Gotoba decides to combat the Hojo clan who was the center of the Kamakura shogunate, and to kill the Hojo clan.

Hojo clan is the most powerful samurai group at the time.

The Hojo clan had more power than the general of the Kamakura shogunate.

(The point is that the relationship between the general of the Kamakura shogunate is not getting bad.)

In order to act with his father, he gives the son a position of the Emperor and becomes Joko.

It is said that the behavior at that time was aggressive, the expression that being involved in the father may be a mistake.

The result ("Jokyu no ran"(civil war)) is a massive defeat.

Joko Juntoku will be distributed to Sado Island.

After that, he never came out of Sado Island for 21 years until he died.

Among the emperors of the era, there are no emperors experiencing the humiliation of crushing directly against their own minister like this case, and losing punishment from their subordinates.

In that sense it would be a rare existence.

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