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What is Miyake?

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The Japanese royal family "Miyake" is an explanation of something.

What is Miyake?

The Japanese royal family consists of the house of the Emperor and the Miyake.

Miyake is a house with a complementary function that supplies the successor instead when the Emperor 's family no longer has successors.

Miyake is a branch family of the Emperor Family.

The beginning of Miyake

It is the beginning that the sons of the 84th Emperor Juntoku set up the Miyake.

It is an era from the early to middle period of the Kamakura period.

At first Miyake had the sons of the Emperor stand up, so there was a sense of Emperor 's family.

But gradually, if you do not go back to generations, you will keep Miyake surviving to those who are not related to the Emperor.

Fushimi-no-miya is the representative of that.


Fushimi-no-miya family crest

Fushimi-no-miya starts from the son of The 3rd Emperor Suko of the North Dynasty of the Muromachi Period (Northern and Southern Dynasties era).

Muromachi era is the era of the second samurai regime for Japan.

About the first half century of this era, there were two courtroom in the north and the south in Japan, and there were two Emperors at the same time.

The strain of Fushimi-no-miya continues to be an imperial family until 1947.

Speaking of Miya House is not too much of saying Fushimi-no-miya.

However, this Fushimi-no-miya, the present Emperor and the line of a man's system can not be connected if it dates back six hundred years.

As a male, you will not be a relative anymore.

By the way, the mother of the Emperor, the Empress of Emperor Showa (Emperor Hirohito), comes from the family of this Fushimi-no-miya.

From a female perspective, it becomes a relative of the Emperor.

Current Miyake

The current Miyake is four.

  • Hitachi-no-miya
  • Mikasa-no-miya
  • Takamado-no-miya
  • Akishino-miya

Hitachi-no-miya is Miyake of Prince Masahito, the younger brother of the Emperor.

Mikasa-no-miya is a Miyake who starts from Prince Takahito, a younger brother of Emperor Showa(Emperor Hirohito).

Mikasa-no-miya is currently absent from the principal and has only a woman.

By the way, one of the women, Princess Nobuko is the sister of Mr. Taro Aso, Finance Minister.

Takamado-no-miya is a Miyake which was further separated from the Mikasa-no-miya.

Takamado-no-miya is currently absent from the principal and has only a woman.

It was Princess Hisako of this Miyake who made a speech at the time of inviting the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Akishino-miya is Princess Mako, Princess Kako, Prince Hisahito.

Akishino-miya is the second son of the Emperor.

The members who added the Emperor 's family and the crown prince family to these four households are called "imperial family".

The composition diagram of the Imperial Household of the Imperial Household Agency is here

Among these four houses, it is decided that the Miyake will disappear except for Akishino-miya.

There is no child in the mainland in Hitachi-no-miya, so it's over now.

There are only women in Mikasa-no-miya, Takamado-no-miya, so there are no successors.

So it is decided that these two will disappear as it is now with the law.

Under Japanese law, women can not be the owner of the Miyake.

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