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"Hougen no ran" (civil war): The trigger for samurai to enter politics

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Japan's civil war Hogen no ran

The civil war in Japan called "Hougen no ran" began as a result of parent-child quarrel between the former emperors of Toba-in and Sutoku-in.

The civil war is a major explosion centered on the battle between Emperor Go-shirakawa and Sutoku-in brothers.

Middle ages, Heian period - late stage -

Eve before the Great Battle

Unrecoverable parent-child discord

To "Hougen no ran", the relationship between Toba-in and Sutoku-in is indispensable. Toba-in and Sutoku-in were as close friends as parents were impossible to repair.

There is a secret of the birth of Sutoku-in. Toba-in thought that Sutoku-in is not his son but his son's grandfather.
This shocking scandal had enough impact to influence all of Toba-in's life.

The death of Emperor Konoe ignited the fuse line

Succession of the Emperor, Emperor Toba - Emperor Sutoku - Emperor Konoe - Emperor Go-shirakawa has been inherited.

In the early death of Emperor Konoe, the discord between the parents of Toba-in and Sutoku-in greatly affects the succession of the throne.

Sutoku-in hope that he will again take the throne or his son to the Emperor. Toba-in wanted to stop it absolutely that much.

Sutoku-in is finally coming to the point of explosion for the circumstances from the time he was born.

Toba-in is anticipating a big turbulence, and orders the powerful samurai of Hei-shi and Gen-ji to prepare themselves to protect their own Imperial Palace.

Leading aristocracy add fuel to the fire

Conflict between Kanpaku and Sa-Daijin will be added to the confrontation between Toba-in and Sutoku-in. Both Kanpaku and Sa-Daijin are quite high positions.

Yorinaga Fujiwara of Sa-Daijin made her own adopted daughter the Emperor Konoe' s wife. It was promoted to the Empress.
On the other hand, Tadamichi Fujiwara of Kanpaku who is the elder brother of the client also continued to adopt her adopted daughter as Emperor Konoe. It was promoted to the Empress.

These brothers are heterky brothers, but they were always politically conflicting.
By participating in the Toba-in and Sutoku-in each, these two people expanded to the conflict of political power from the confrontation of succession to the imperial royalty.

Turbulence was about to occur due to the death of Toba-in

Toba-in crushes the desires of Sutoku-in and afterwards entrusts Emperor Go-shirakawa to succeed. Even the samurai who had been guarding their own ordered to defend the Emperor Go-shirakawa after their death.

In this state the Toba-in deacon died. Sutoku-in was waiting for that time.

Outbreak of war

In the following year (1156 years) after Emperor Go-shirakawa, the day after Toba-in died, Sutoku-in raises a coup. It is "Hougen no ran".

Former emperor Gr Emperor Gr
(older brother)
(younger brother)
Tadamichi Fujiwara
(older brother)
Yorinaga Fujiwara
(younger brother)
 Tadamasa Taira-no
 Kiyomori Taira-no
 Tameyoshi Minamoto-no
 Yoshitomo Minamoto-no

I briefly wrote the "Hougen no ran" confrontation composition.

All of the political forces of the Imperial family, aristocrats and samurai at that time are divided among family members and fighting.

Emperor Go-shirakawa is the active emperor. Sutoku-in is the emperor two generations ago.

Both Fujiwara brothers, both are fathers of in-law of the predecessor Emperor Konoe.

And here it is worth noting that an influential samurai is participating in the war.

Tameyoshi Minamoto-no is a grandfather of Yoritomo, Yoshitsune, Yoshinaka Kiso. Yoshitomo Minamoto-no is the father of Yoritomo and Yoshitsune. Yoritomo is taking action with his father and participating in Emperor Gr.

In the later years, Kiyomori Taira-no, Yoritomo Minamoto-no and Yoshitune Minamoto-no who are going to be the hero of the samurai politics were both emperor Gr. In this case, the samurai who will do a fierce battle was a friend.

Yoritomo Minamoto-no, Yoshitune Minamoto-no, Yoshinaka Kiso, Kiyomori Tira-no is a famous samurai in Japan. They will become the hero who makes samurai society.

The result settled easily

Toba-in and Emperor Go-shirakawa were preparing in anticipation of a great turbulence, so the Sutoku-in Gr was getting back to the ground very easily.

The result was the victory of the Emperor Gr, and Sutoku-in was exiled to Sanuki (present Kagawa prefecture).

This is a battle to bisect real Japan

In Japan, the battle to divide Japan into two is said to be a "battle of Sekigahara". "Hougen no ran" learns at school, but it is almost forgotten.

Battle of Sekigahara is a battle between samurai. It is famous as a battle to divide Japan into two because winning things will take control of political power.

However, despite the weakness of power, there are no relationships between aristocrats and royalties related to political power at all.

"Hougen no ran", where all the royalty, aristocrat and samurai participated in the battle, is the real "battle to divide Japan".

After all, the one who gained the most was the samurai faction

With this opportunity, Emperor Go-shirakawa will become dependent on the power of the samurai. The political organizations called Sekkann politics by leading aristocrats by the reform of Emperor Go-sanjo will suddenly lose their power, but this opportunity resulted in a further drop in power.

After all, the one that gained the most in this fight would be a samurai faction. With this, samurai forces will become the center of politics. The Heian period will change rapidly here.

From the society of the emperor and aristocrat to the society of the emperor, samurai, nobility.

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