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Install Git on Windows

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Install Git on Windows.

Basically, you can install it by running the exe file and proceeding according to the displayed contents.

File download

Display the site of .

Git install for windows Capture-01

Click the "Downloads for Windows" button on the right monitor to start the download. However, in this case, the 64-bit version will be downloaded.

This time, I will take another way considering the case of downloading 32 bit version.

Transit the page by pressing the "Downloads" link on the left side.

Git install for windows Capture-02

Select the displayed OS.

This time I will select Windows.

Git install for windows Capture-03

The 64-bit version will be downloaded automatically.

If you want to download the 32 bit version, click the 32 bit version link.

There is Portable version, but this does not understand how to use now. I got information to use it when installing Git in USB memory, but I could not get convinced.

There is no problem if you download the regular version.

Installation of Git

Run the downloaded exe file and start the installation.

Git install for windows Capture-04

Click Next without doing anything.

Git install for windows Capture-05

There is no need to do anything. Click Next to continue.

Git install for windows Capture-06

Select a command prompt where you can use the Git command.

Click Next to continue. (Choose the second one)

It is better not to choose the third one. A warning that the windows commands find and sort will be overwritten is displayed.

Git install for windows Capture-07

Click Next without doing anything.

Git install for windows Capture-08

Specify conversion method of line feed code.

Click Next without doing anything. (3rd, no conversion of line feed code is done.)

I think that I will hardly use the first one. Convert to LF -> CRLF.

If you select this, it is good that you see the line feed code "^ M" when browsing registered files on Linux (Mac).

The second may be used depending on the environment in many cases. Convert to CRLF -> LF.

Choose this if you want to register files registered in Git with source code or Linux (Mac).

Files such as Word and Excel files and software based on Windows may be damaged. Here is the reason for choosing not to do the third conversion.

In some cases, considering registering Word and Excel files, we will automatically turn off automatic conversion. So if you want to change the line feed code to LF, such as registering the source code, you need to do it yourself when registering.

Since source code uses LF in almost any environment, it is troublesome for others to forget, so be careful.

Git install for windows Capture-09

Click Next without doing anything.

Choose to use a command prompt called Git Bash or use an existing Windows command prompt.

I recommend using the Git Bash command prompt as I may use other Windows command prompts elsewhere. There are also reasons for choosing because you can use the Bash command.

(In Windows 10, some Bash commands can be used so it may not be necessary in the near future)

Git install for windows Capture-10

Click Next without doing anything.

(Select all)

Git install for windows Capture-11

Installation begins.

Git install for windows Capture-12

Installation is completed.

Git install for windows Capture-13

Check the version from the command prompt.

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