Calculate the golden ratio, metallic ratio from the input value and display the result.

What to calculate

  1. Calculate the short side from the long side (input value).
  2. Calculate the long side from the short side (input value).
  3. Calculate the lengths of short side and long side respectively from total value (input value) of short side and long side.
  4. The result of 3. is indicated by figure and percentage.
  5. Displayed assuming images + sentences, which are frequently used on Web sites.

※ It is a tool to make it easier to use in Web design, so the division and representation method of the diagram is not mathematical.
※ I made it with a smartphone, so I can not confirm whether it is displayed properly on PC / tablet. Please understand when the display is wrong. Also, I would appreciate it if you can let me know by posting comments on this post.

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Golden Ratio

Yamato Ratio(Silver Ratio)

※ Yamato ratio is the ratio that is considered to be the most beautiful in Japan. It has been used more than golden ratio from long ago. Here is the reason for Japan's distinctive beauty.
※ Speaking of the ratio of silver to Japan in Japan, it is Yamato ratio.
※ The Yamato Ratio has the feature that the original rectangle which was reduced when folded in half of the long side increases by 2 each time.
※ Normally, the Yamato ratio will not divide with a short side length square like the golden ratio. Here we are doing the same split dare to compare with other things.

Other Metallic Ratio

※ It is rarely used in design. It is a reference. It's the next game.

Silver Ratio(2nd. Metallic Ratio)

Platinum Ratio

2nd. Golden Ratio

Bronze Ratio(3rd. Metallic Ratio)