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    Made a tool to calculate the golden ratio.
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Made a tool to calculate the golden ratio.


There are a lot of calculation tools for golden ratio. However, I thought that the calculation result I want is not enough for web design. So I made it myself.

Although it may not be used, we calculate Yamato ratio, Silver ratio, Platinum ratio, 2nd golden ratio, Bronze ratio additionally.

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Deception of the Third Abe cabinet in Japan

news image

The 3rd Abe cabinet in Japan began.

However, its top leader will continue to sit in the prime minister wholly at least as ugly.

Will the Japanese people endorse those who do not want to work for the benefit of the people?

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HTML, CSS: Created a basic format for responsive

html5 css3 logo

I created a basic format responsive only with HTML and CSS.

Four patterns of 1 column, 2 columns (left menu or right menu), 3 columns (both ends menu) are achieved by switching the css class.

When it comes to smartphone size, the side menu is displayed on the lower side.

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What is the Japanese political system "Insei"?

quation image

There was a political system called "Insei" in medieval Japan in the 11th and 13th centuries.

It was born in the trend of returning to the emperor-centered political system.

Actually, without "Insei", no samurai society was born. What kind of thing is it?

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