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    WordPress アイキャッチ画像にキャプション(説明)を表示する方法
  • server image
  • css3 image
    かんたんCSS3 ぜんぶ解説。誰でも分かるflexの使い方
  • html5 css3 image
    HTML5&CSS3: レスポンシブ対応の基本フォーマットを作成した
  • html5 css3 image
  • HTML5 Logo
    HTML5 iframe: Respond to Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript image
    javaScript ES2015 アロー関数ってなんだ?
  • JavaScript logo
    JavaScript var, let, const: How to use variable declaration
  • jQuery-Logo
    jQuery: Execute after loading of HTML is completed
  • jQuery-Logo
    jQuery: Prevent collision of $
  • Node.js image
    Node.js npm パッケージ管理の使い方
About Web
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  • Q&A Capture
    Web: セッションとは何か?ついでにクッキーとは何か?
  • php logo
    php composer: Let's make effective use of autoload !
About ICT
Web tool
  • gold
    Made a tool to calculate the golden ratio.
Successive emperors
  • 明正天皇 肖像画
    第109代 明正天皇 つわもの戦国武将の血を受け継ぐ女帝
  • Japan's Emperor Family crest
    List of emperors of the past in Japan
History of Japan
  • house
  • time image
    古代・中世…平安・鎌倉… 時代区分が誰でもわかるまとめ
  • 鎌倉幕府の歴代将軍一覧
  • quetion image
    Where did the Japanese female contempt come from?
  • Japan's Emperor Family crest
    The day the Emperor is gone from Japan
  • Japan's Emperor Family crest
    天皇の皇位継承の解決策は既にある。あとは選ぶだけだ !
  • Japan's Emperor Family crest
  • Japan's Emperor Family crest
  • Japan's Emperor Family crest

Article list

Made a tool to calculate the golden ratio.


There are a lot of calculation tools for golden ratio. However, I thought that the calculation result I want is not enough for web design. So I made it myself.

Although it may not be used, we calculate Yamato ratio, Silver ratio, Platinum ratio, 2nd golden ratio, Bronze ratio additionally.

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HTML, CSS: Created a basic format for responsive

html5 css3 logo

I created a basic format responsive only with HTML and CSS.

Four patterns of 1 column, 2 columns (left menu or right menu), 3 columns (both ends menu) are achieved by switching the css class.

When it comes to smartphone size, the side menu is displayed on the lower side.

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What is the Japanese political system "Insei"?

quation image

There was a political system called "Insei" in medieval Japan in the 11th and 13th centuries.

It was born in the trend of returning to the emperor-centered political system.

Actually, without "Insei", no samurai society was born. What kind of thing is it?

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What was Japan's Sekkan politics? When did it start?

quation image

The center of medieval politics of Japan is aristocratic members of the court in Kyoto.

That era is called "Heian (平安) era".

Politics of that era is called "Sekkan politics".

Fujiwara clan was also central politics. What kind of political system is it?

Heian period (平安時代)

It is about Japan's era from the late 8th century to the 12th century.

It is regarded as the beginning of the medieval period in Japan.

In the period centered on aristocrats in the imperial court of Kyoto, the samurai finishes by taking power.

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WordPress: Output debug (log) to file

WordPress logo

There are times when you want to check the processing by outputting the debug log in WordPress. In that case, you can output to the log file by setting in wp-config.php.

That way is very easy. Since it explains with sample code, it ends soon. Let's see it now.

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List of emperors of the past in Japan

Japan's Emperor Family crest

Japan has counted from the first generation Emperor of the 125's has existed.

There were emperors with various individualities such as assassinated people, obviously mentally disturbing people, empress, people who become emperor twice.

If you look at them one by one, you can learn about the history of Japan.

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WordPress: How to move the environment

WordPress logo

In WordPress, copying from the production environment to create the development environment, copying from the development environment to create the production environment may be.

To do that work, there are roughly a copy of the DB, a copy of the plugin, a copy of the theme, a copy of the upload file such as a media file.

The way to explain from now on is possible with WordPress multi-site.

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