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    php composer: Let's make effective use of autoload !
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    Made a tool to calculate the golden ratio.
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    82th Emperor Go-toba. A genius sentenced to exile from subordinates
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Made a tool to calculate the golden ratio.


There are a lot of calculation tools for golden ratio. However, I thought that the calculation result I want is not enough for web design. So I made it myself.

Although it may not be used, we calculate Yamato ratio, Silver ratio, Platinum ratio, 2nd golden ratio, Bronze ratio additionally.

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php: How to install composer

php logo

php composer is a command tool to manage packages.

Be sure to use composer command to develop php program.

In order to develop php program efficiently it is absolutely not a tool to remove.

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WordPress: How to move the environment

WordPress logo

In WordPress, copying from the production environment to create the development environment, copying from the development environment to create the production environment may be.

To do that work, there are roughly a copy of the DB, a copy of the plugin, a copy of the theme, a copy of the upload file such as a media file.

The way to explain from now on is possible with WordPress multi-site.

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php composer: Let's make effective use of autoload !

php logo

php composer has "autoload".

"autoload" is a function to automatically load classes by using "use" without having to import package class files with "require".

"autoload" aggregates the class information of the package and saves it as a configuration file (.php) when executing package install / update with "composer".

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The day the Emperor is gone from Japan

Japan's Emperor Family crest

Now the Japanese Imperial family is in danger of survival. If we do not respond to anything, the Imperial Family in thirty years will become one and only Prince Hisahito.

The emperor will definitely disappear from Japan as it is.
Recent female royal family establishment of the house of the principal, inheritance by male descendants? Do you also allow inheritance by female descendants? In order to understand the discussion, I also think about the Emperor.

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Python pip: How to use package management

python logo

Python's pip is a command tool to manage packages.

The package is an extension program of various additional functions prepared in python. By installing this package as needed, you can efficiently build a program that implements the desired function in Python.

I will show you how to use the pip command.

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