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Information on WordPress

CMS Framework useful for Website construction Information on WordPress is posted.
It is based on failed experiences, while doing research by yourself.

WordPress: How to move the environment

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In WordPress, copying from the production environment to create the development environment, copying from the development environment to create the production environment may be.

To do that work, there are roughly a copy of the DB, a copy of the plugin, a copy of the theme, a copy of the upload file such as a media file.

The way to explain from now on is possible with WordPress multi-site.

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WordPress: Use Ajax on public site

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It is a way to implement Ajax on WordPress publishing site.

WordPress is not assuming too much to use Ajax on publishing sites. However, there is a way to implement it and its way is very easy.

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WordPress: Reason for removing Crayon Syntax Highlighter

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I decided to remove the WordPress plugin Crayon Syntax Highlighter.

The reason is because there is an alternative means. So, you do not need to use a plugin.

In view of the performance of the site, and considering "Search Engine Optimization" it is better to have fewer plugins.

I decided to use Prism.js as an alternative.

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WordPress: Let's notice plug-ins for multi-sites!!

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I could not add menus with "Appearance -> Menus" in WordPress' s multi - site subsite. Moreover, a phenomenon which can not be edited occurred.

The cause was in the Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plug-in.

Details of the cause and how to deal with it.

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WordPress: Translation file is not loaded

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When creating an English site based on a Japanese site, we simply set up a translation file (en_US.mo) on the English site.

Next, I defined functions.php to call load_child_theme_textdomain () with the after_setup_theme action.

However, when I try to debug it I can not read the translation file.

The result of investigating the cause, the solution. (WordPress 4.8.1 - 4.9.2)

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