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We will post information on the web widely.
CMS framework useful for Web site construction WordPress information is posted.

WordPress, When the wp command is not available

wordpress image

The 'wp' command in WordPress allows you to do things like you would do in the admin panel by entering commands.

However, there were times when the 'wp' command did not work, which happened to me four times. I was just using it wrong.

If you use it in the same way as a shell command, you will get an error immediately.

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PHP, How to install composer

PHP composer is a command tool to manage packages.

It is absolutely necessary in the development of PHP programs. We will show you how to install the composer in a simple way with samples and captures.

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WordPress, How to move the environment

wordpress image

There are four major copies of the WordPress moving process.

  • Database
  • Plugins
  • Theme
  • Uploaded files such as media files

The method I'm about to show you can also be done with WordPress multisite.

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PHP composer, Let's make the most of autoload !

PHP autoloading is the ability to define a 'use' operator to automatically load a class. It does not use the 'require' operator.

Autoloading is part of the 'composer' that manages PHP packages and is a necessary feature of PHP.

I will explain how to use it in a detailed and easy to understand manner.

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Atom, Build WordPress development environment

atom for wordpress image

This is how to build a WordPress development environment with the text editor Atom.

No need to do anything complicated. All you have to do is install the necessary packages and configure them.

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PHP composer, How to use package management

The php composer is a command tool for managing packages.

Packages are extensions to various php functions, which can be installed as needed to efficiently create programs that implement the desired functions.

I will show you how to use the composer command.

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