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Web technical information

We will post information on the web widely.
CMS framework useful for Web site construction WordPress information is posted.

Made a tool to calculate the golden ratio.


There are a lot of calculation tools for golden ratio. However, I thought that the calculation result I want is not enough for web design. So I made it myself.

Although it may not be used, we calculate Yamato ratio, Silver ratio, Platinum ratio, 2nd golden ratio, Bronze ratio additionally.

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php: How to install composer

php logo

php composer is a command tool to manage packages.

Be sure to use composer command to develop php program.

In order to develop php program efficiently it is absolutely not a tool to remove.

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WordPress: How to move the environment

WordPress logo

In WordPress, copying from the production environment to create the development environment, copying from the development environment to create the production environment may be.

To do that work, there are roughly a copy of the DB, a copy of the plugin, a copy of the theme, a copy of the upload file such as a media file.

The way to explain from now on is possible with WordPress multi-site.

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php composer: Let's make effective use of autoload !

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php composer has "autoload".

"autoload" is a function to automatically load classes by using "use" without having to import package class files with "require".

"autoload" aggregates the class information of the package and saves it as a configuration file (.php) when executing package install / update with "composer".

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JavaScript var, let, const: How to use variable declaration

JavaScript logo

I decided to use JavaScript after a long time, and as I looked up, variations of variable declarations had increased.There seems to be a usage of let, const.

It was two years ago because it was formulated in ES 2015. Oh crap, it is considerably late. I examined it late.

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