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Software Technology

Information on software such as Web and Linux technology will be widely posted.

HTML, CSS: Created a basic format for responsive

html5 css3 logo

I created a basic format responsive only with HTML and CSS.

Four patterns of 1 column, 2 columns (left menu or right menu), 3 columns (both ends menu) are achieved by switching the css class.

When it comes to smartphone size, the side menu is displayed on the lower side.

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Made a tool to calculate the golden ratio.


There are a lot of calculation tools for golden ratio. However, I thought that the calculation result I want is not enough for web design. So I made it myself.

Although it may not be used, we calculate Yamato ratio, Silver ratio, Platinum ratio, 2nd golden ratio, Bronze ratio additionally.

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WordPress: Output debug (log) to file

WordPress logo

There are times when you want to check the processing by outputting the debug log in WordPress. In that case, you can output to the log file by setting in wp-config.php.

That way is very easy. Since it explains with sample code, it ends soon. Let's see it now.

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WordPress: How to move the environment

WordPress logo

In WordPress, copying from the production environment to create the development environment, copying from the development environment to create the production environment may be.

To do that work, there are roughly a copy of the DB, a copy of the plugin, a copy of the theme, a copy of the upload file such as a media file.

The way to explain from now on is possible with WordPress multi-site.

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php: How to install composer

php logo

php composer is a command tool to manage packages.

Be sure to use composer command to develop php program.

In order to develop php program efficiently it is absolutely not a tool to remove.

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HTML, CSS: How to make a circle

html5 css3 logo

It is a simple way to make a circle with just HTML and CSS without using images etc., making it very easy.

Since it is not necessary to read the image, response time and page display time can be shortened very slightly.

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HTML, CSS: How to make a balloon

html5 css3 logo

It is a way to make a balloon with only HTML and CSS without using images etc.

Since it is not necessary to read the image, response time and page display time can be shortened while minimizing.

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WordPress: Let's notice plug-ins for multi-sites!!

WordPress logo

I could not add menus with "Appearance -> Menus" in WordPress' s multi - site subsite. Moreover, a phenomenon which can not be edited occurred.

The cause was in the Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plug-in.

Details of the cause and how to deal with it.

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