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How to use linux vim command

How to use the Linux command vim.
Document editing command.
To some extent vi command can also pass.

Linux vim: Show/Hide the number of lines

programing image

Set display / non-display of line number in vim command mode.

The command mode is an operation that can be entered at the lower left of the editor by pressing the Esc key and pressing the colon ':' when opening with vim.

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Linux vim: Correct indentation of copy&paste

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When copying and pasting source with ssh connection etc., space indent may be converted to tab without permission and it may be shifted.

This can be solved by changing the auto indent setting.

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Linux vim: Move the cursor efficiently

programing image

I use it for more than 15 years from the vi command.

However, for some reason I forget the shortcut key for cursor movement operation.

So I gathered various cursor movements.

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