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Glossary of Japanese history.

It is a glossary on Japanese history.
I had planned to listen to it for a while but I got information with new surprises if I examine it in detail.

What is the Japanese political system "Insei"?

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There was a political system called "Insei" in medieval Japan in the 11th and 13th centuries.

It was born in the trend of returning to the emperor-centered political system.

Actually, without "Insei", no samurai society was born. What kind of thing is it?

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What was Japan's Sekkan politics? When did it start?

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The center of medieval politics of Japan is aristocratic members of the court in Kyoto.

That era is called "Heian (平安) era".

Politics of that era is called "Sekkan politics".

Fujiwara clan was also central politics. What kind of political system is it?

Heian period (平安時代)

It is about Japan's era from the late 8th century to the 12th century.

It is regarded as the beginning of the medieval period in Japan.

In the period centered on aristocrats in the imperial court of Kyoto, the samurai finishes by taking power.

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What is Kanpaku, a former position in Japan?

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In Japan there used to be a post called Kanpaku(関白), which is important for political systems. It is a position to assist the Emperor. Role is different for regent. What role is it?

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