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Atom: Recommended package for all genres

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I will introduce the packages recommended by Atom of text editor. Here, we introduce common and convenient packages regardless of genre.

Input completion


When you specify relative path in coding program, will you not know which hierarchy you are using "../"?

autocomplete-paths is a package that complements the relative path input. When describing a relative path, input candidates are automatically displayed.

We recommend you to install it.


Displays a picker that intuitively selects colors when specifying colors such as rgb.



It is a package that formats the program code. It supports major programming languages.
We recommend that you install it when using it as a programming editor.

I will extract a sentence of atom-beautify introduction page.

Beautify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Coldfusion, SQL, and more in Atom


It is a tool to check the static code of the program. It is not usable by this alone, and you need to install the linter package dedicated to each program language separately.

There are plugins such as linter-php, linter-python etc.


Displays a tree view that jumps to the function / variable declaration destination. It is an essential package for programmers.


A package that automatically inputs the end of tags of markup language such as html and xml.

Terminal editor


A package that manipulates text editing with the vim command. It is a convenient package for those who frequently work on servers.


It is an extension package of vim-mode-plus. You can use commands in vim mode, such as ": w", ": q". Batch replacement is also possible.



Icons are displayed on the view tree or tab due to differences in file extension.

It seems to be a package for good appearance as a design.

However, when developing work, you can judge the type of file to some extent only by looking at the icon, which increases work efficiency.

I do not say that I should install it, but I always use it.


This is a package that highlights the line where the cursor is currently located. It is a simple but useful plugin.

It is recommended for those who focus on programming.


This package highlights the same text string as the selected text string.

This is also plain, but since it uses variables in programming, it is convenient because you can check spelling mistakes at a glance.


Display the mini map on the right edge of the text area. It is convenient for movement that is too large with cursor movement.


The mini map has no meaning to be displayed except when moving destination is selected. For that reason it is a package that automatically hides the mini map.

This package automatically hides when the mouse scroll stops. And it will be displayed when scrolling.


In this issue we introduced only the minimum necessary package to the last.

Atom installs too much package, it gets heavier, which makes it inconvenient.

There are many convenient packages, so plugins of similar function should be narrowed down to one.

Be careful of installing too much.

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