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Atom, Recommended packages for WprdPress development

atom for wordpress image

Here are some recommended packages for the WordPress development environment with the text editor Atom.

This is written by a Japanese who can't speak English with the help of translation application. Sorry if it's not good.

Recommended packages for WordPress development in the Atom editor

As a prerequisite, WordPress requires a package for the PHP environment. For more details, please refer to this page.

In addition, I wrote about packages for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript environments.

Atom has an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and PHP is supported, but WordPress is not.

linter is compatible with WordPress.

I'm going to introduce two packages for WordPress: the IDE is not compatible with WordPress, so I'll use linter.

Static checking of source code


WordPress is not a member of the PSR standards body and does not adhere to the PSR coding conventions.

WordPress has its own coding conventions, and linter-phpcs is compatible with WordPress coding conventions.

This is a must-have package for WordPress development.

PSR (PHP Standards Recommendations)

A standardization effort for PHP coding, developed by PHP-FIG.

PHP-FIG (PHP Framework Interop Group)

PHP Framework Interoperability Group, an organization where PHP projects get together to discuss and coordinate the compatibility of each other's products.

Many famous projects are participating.

  • WordPress is not PSR compliant.
  • WordPress has its own coating conventions.

Code completion


This is a code completion package for WordPress, which shows input suggestions for functions and constants defined in WordPress.

It is always a good idea to install WordPress when using it.


Since atom-IDE is not yet compatible with WordPress, we introduced a linter-based package.

Finally, I'll show you how I use it. atom-IDE is an IDE, after all, and I think it works smoothly.

I also feel that an IDE is better because I am not only working with WordPress, but also using other things besides PHP.

So this is how I use it.

  • Install both atom-IDE and linter.
  • I usually work with atom-IDE and disable the linter.
  • Switch from IDE to linter at regular intervals (about 2 weeks, like before a WordPress development release)
  • Make sure there are no coding errors in WordPress.
  • When you are done checking, return to the IDE.

Please try it if it helps you.

There is a conflict between atom-IDE and linter at the time of package installation.

To install both, disable the previously installed package and then install the other one.

In this article, I have only introduced the minimum required package.

If you install too many packages, atom will become sluggish and unusable.

There are many useful packages available, so be careful not to install too many.

We have also prepared a tutorial on how to set up a WordPress environment on Atom with captures. Please check it out.

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