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Atom: Packages recommended for php development

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We introduce recommended packages for PHP development environment with Atom of text editor.

First of all, regardless of php, Atom installs the minimum necessary package. Details are here.


It is a package that formats the program code. It corresponds to PHP.


It is a tool to check the static code of the program.

An extension package dedicated to PHP is available. Extension packages need to be installed separately.

php introduces two plugins, linter-php and linter-phpcs.


It is an extension package for linter's php. Perform static code check. It is better to install it for php development.


As a tool of php coding standard checking is a linter extension package of general phpcs (Php Code Sniffer). We will check coding standards up to PSR-2.

To use this plugin you need to install the phpcs package in your php environment and use composer for installation.

compoer [global] requuire "squizlabs/php_codesniffer=*"

"=*" Is the latest version.

Here's detailed usage of composer.

Coding of php tends to be a program with low maintainability because of its high degree of freedom.

This is not efficient. You should always use those related to such coding conventions.


In this issue we introduced only the minimum necessary package to the last. Atom installs too much package, it gets heavier, which makes it inconvenient.

There are many convenient packages, so be careful with installing too much.

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