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Software Technology

Information on software such as Web and Linux technology will be widely posted.

Python pip, How to use package management

python image

Python's pip is a command for managing packages.

Packages are multi-functional extensions available in python, and you can install the required features in a package to implement your program efficiently.

Here is an easy-to-understand explanation of how to use the pip command.

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Atom, Build WordPress development environment

atom for wordpress image

This is how to build a WordPress development environment with the text editor Atom.

No need to do anything complicated. All you have to do is install the necessary packages and configure them.

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PHP composer, How to use package management

The php composer is a command tool for managing packages.

Packages are extensions to various php functions, which can be installed as needed to efficiently create programs that implement the desired functions.

I will show you how to use the composer command.

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HTML&CSS, How to make a balloon

html5 css3 image

This is a method of creating speech bubbles using only HTML and CSS without images.

Since it doesn't load images, it reduces the response time and page display time a bit.

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